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Learning a New Language via Video Games

After long investigating in the field of linguistics and psychology, we have brought to the point that the education procedure will never be more successful than it is in the fun way.

Kids and adults have many things in common in the field of games, especially video games.

This idea has lead a lot of teaching material providers to design and develop tools that have at least a bit of joy and fun in themselves. In other words, learning has become fun!

This concept that people could learn a new language if they were engaged in it as if they engage in a game is a fact that can easily be used for teachers, students and even teaching institutions.

There are a lot of video games with subtitle enabled in them that allow users read what they hear and sync their listening and reading skills, which is one of the most important issues in learning a new language. And we have recently encountered new games with voice input that enable the gamers speak through the speech recognition system, that not only teach the players how to speak a new language with the proper accent, but also help them memorize the proper pronunciation of every phrase.

By the way, there are a lot of efforts that need to be done in this field to make it really possible that students learn their new language totally via games.

Learning English as a second language is a huge process for the students and generally takes a lifetime to cover. But today, new methods have guaranteed faster & more efficient ways of learning since learning is no longer an awkward procedure in the age of I.T.

Along with the games, there are movies, music, activities and so on to help students feel they are living their new language rather than being forced to get used to it!

In close future, learning will soon be but a fun game that makes the impossible possible by being engaged with the A.I. technology.

If you want to find out more about new English learning methods, visit Vanda's English Way website.

Amin Vanda is an experienced teacher in the field of English Language. He is the owner of Vanda English Way.


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