Groundbreaking book on the Thai political universe. Making sense of why things happen in Thailand - My Press-Release

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Groundbreaking book on the Thai political universe. Making sense of why things happen in Thailand

(New York, NY, June 26, 2013) Villefort Publishing announces the release of The Thai Book, A Field Guide to Thai Political Motivations, by Ron Morris. The Thai Book is unlike any other book on Thai history or politics. The book details the unique cultural motivations that lay behind political activity and social interaction in Thai society. It is a guide to understanding the motivations of the culture.

Tired of being told "foreigners can never understand Thai ways"?

Assuming that protest and free speech are desirable qualities in Thai democracy misses the fundamental impulses of the culture. Supposing that all expect to be treated as equals overlooks the basic assumptions that govern personal interaction (and explains why Thais are so shy when one first meets them).

When the world sees soldiers marching through the streets to confront protesters, it sees events in Western terms. But is a long Siamese peace being broken? Is something unprecedented happening? Or does blood go hand-in-hand with the Thai smile? If we assume that all people naturally recoil at state-sponsored killing, this entirely misses the climate that makes killing people appear to be a common-sense solution.

The Thai Book is the history of Thailand's future. It illuminates the constants of Thai culture and the challenges it faces--protest, democracy, big men, coups, bombs, killing people and forgiveness.

The Thai Book is not a dry recounting of the boring politics that always has Thais and foreigners alike running for the exits. No listing of dictators, prime ministers, constitutions, and coups will lead the viewer any closer to understanding Thai ways. It is instead the fascinating tale of why people do the things they do. The Thai Book creates a portrait of Thailand at once painfully honest and genuinely sympathetic.

It is a portrait only visible to those who can connect the dots of its cultural and societal inclinations. Author Ron Morris lends his considerable insight into the opaque Thai universe to finally explain these motivations and their implications for the future of one of the friendliest and enduringly compelling cultures on earth.

Thai challenges, limitations, and strengths are all on show. The reader will never see the Thai universe in the same way again. The REAL story of Thai Ways

About the author

RON MORRIS is an author, broadcast journalist, political analyst, and business strategist. He advises worldwide on geopolitical issues using his methodology of applying cultural motivations to explain the real context and intent of political actions.

In The Thai Book, Morris applies his empathy and understanding of Thailand to paint a picture of Thai culture that is as unique as it is unlike the assumptions of the rest of the world.

Title: The Thai Book

ISBN: 978-1-939270-00-9
On Amazon:

Villefort Publishing

Contact: Sandra Boyd, Villefort Publishing

1325 Sixth Avenue, 28th Floor

New York, New York 10019

Printed in the United States

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