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Tyrolean hotel sector races to the top

Front-runner with 28 million stays

5. August 2013
Tyrol hoteliers, in the alpine region of Austria, record constant peak values. “Tyrol holds a
lonely place at the top, compared to other tourist regions in Austria, with more than 28
million stays,” says Lukas Hochedlinger, Managing Director Austria and Manager Business
Development CEE with the hotel property specialist Christie + Co in Vienna. Like the many
summer and winter tourists, the Tyrolean hotel market also climbs one peak after another,
according to an analysis by Christie + Co.

Frontrunner Tyrol
2012 was a great year for Tyrol. In total, the state recorded 6.9 million arrivals and more than
28 million overnight stays. This equals an increase of around three per cent compared to the
previous year. This upwards trend has already lasted for several years and highlights the
continuing attraction of the alpine region. The number of arrivals has increased over the last
five years by an impressive 12 per cent, while overnight stays increased by four per cent. This
confirms the trend toward shorter and shorter stay durations, which on average amounted to
four nights. And in the first half of the year 2013, the growth continued. Increasing arrivals and
overnight stays continue to guarantee a stable hotel market. Tyrol is and remains the
frontrunner and the model region for Austria.

Fewer lodgings, but more bedrooms
In 2012, there were approximately 22,900 lodgings and 34,000 bedrooms available to Tyrol’s
guests in the summer and winter season. The number of lodgings decreased slightly, with a
simultaneous increase in the number of bedrooms. This development has been signalled for the
last couple of years, particularly during the winter season. Lukas Hochedlinger attributes it to
the opening of larger hotels with higher capacities in terms of rooms and bedrooms.

Most popular vacation destination in Austria
Nine out of ten registered arrivals and overnight stays in Tyrol are charged to foreign tourists.
This reflects the region’s continuing attraction in the international environment. A good half of
all overnight stays are charged to German visitors. Beyond this, domestic (Austria), Holland and
Switzerland form the most important source markets for Tyrol. The constant positive demand
seen over the course of the year reaches its highest values in the winter months from December
through to March as well as in the holiday months of July and August.

Movement on the Tyrolean hotel market
Several real estate sales in Tyrol’s hotel sector shaped 2012. The Cordial Hotel Group sold two of
its Tyrolean hotels: Hotel Kroneck (79 rooms) and the Cordial Hotel Going (40 rooms) each found
a new investor. The 80-room hotel Cube Biberwier-Lermoos also changed ownership in the last

“Currently, the hotel investment market in Tyrol offers another highlight with the Sport &
Wellness Hotel Fürstenhof in Reutte,” says Hochedlinger. The traditional 4-star hotel with 41
comfortable and well-furnished hotel rooms and suites, charms with its unique location in the
middle of the Tyrolean Alps and is within easy walking distance of the ski slopes of the
Hahnenkamm ski region. All rooms have a magnificent view of the breathtaking mountain
landscape. The hotel is a popular destination for nature lovers, both in the winter and in the
summer, and is in very good condition. Christie + Co has been instructed to sell the hotel by the

Press Contact
Sandra Pechac
Marketing Manager
Christie + Co Austria GmbH
T: +43 (0) 1 / 890 53 57 - 0
F +43 (0) 1 / 890 53 57 - 15


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